Expanded Electronics Waste Recycling Pilot Program

NEW Expanded Electronics Waste Recycling Pilot Program Check Out the Alberta Recycling Management Authority Web site!

The Following Graphic Shows a General Outline of the accepted materials in the Expanded Ewaste Program.

Click Here to View the Master List of Accepted Materials (PDF)

Non Accepted Materials:

No commercial or Industrial products, For example, No Large air nailers used by roofers, but small brad nailers are ok. No Commercial grade audio equipment, but private use receivers are ok.

No Lighting will be accepted. This can include, fluorescent fixtures, ceiling fans w/ lights, Garage Door openers, Desk top lamps, and even no flashlights. The Majority of these can still be placed in with the metal recycling as always.

No Lawn care items, like Electric weed eaters.

No Children’s toys with Batteries over 12 volts.

No Commercial Solar Panels. Private use Panels are accepted.

TV’s Computers / Laptops, and Printers / Scanners are still accepted under the original program.