Flagstaff Waste Management’s Policy Regarding Covid-19

Currently the Coronavirus event is recognized as a global epidemic, and precautions are being taken around the world to slow the spread of the disease, especially through community contact (i.e. person to person transmission). As the epidemic evolves and the spread of the disease increases, we fully expect our response to it will also evolve. Currently, we will implement the following procedures immediately:

• Cleanliness/hygiene. The first line of defense against the spread of coronavirus is preventing the spread of pathogens. We will increase our efforts in this regard by regular cleaning of doorknobs and handles, scale controls, computers keyboards, cell phones, truck doors and controls, etc. The scale house will have a solution of bleach water available to all staff for regular cleaning of these common surfaces. Staff are reminded to wash hands regularly, use hand sanitizer often, and avoid personal contact with the public. Wearing gloves can prevent direct contact with pathogens. Burro operators and transfer site operators should accept bagged waste only.
• Daily Routine. We have modified our daily routine as follows:
o Gates open at 7:30 for staff and staff are discouraged from arriving early to socialize. Until this crisis is over, our goal is to minimize social contact.
o Daily work assignments will be provided for each operator individually.
o Each operator will proceed to his unit to complete daily inspections, then immediately start his daily assignment.
o We will no longer conduct morning safety meetings every day, rather we will only call them as needed.
o End of Day – when the assigned task(s) for the day are complete, the operator is expected to ready his equipment for the next day (greasing, oil change, car wash) and then go home. Loitering at work and socializing are discouraged.
• Social Distancing: We are ensuring that staff not congregate during the day for coffee breaks, lunch and end of day socializing. When more than one staff are in the same space, we recommend maintaining a personal distance of no less than 2 meters distance from each other. We advise against carpooling to work.
• Public Access: There is no need for the general public to enter the scale house. The scale operator to greet all customers on the scale, determine what is in the load and collect money, all while the customer remains in the vehicle. Children and pets must remain inside vehicles and staff will maintain social distancing with the public.
• Symptoms: Staff are advised to be aware of the symptoms of coronavirus and are asked to self-isolate should they develop said symptoms. Normal standards for self-isolation is 14 days.

We consider our service to be an essential service for the community and will do everything we can to maintain that service. Should we develop staffing issues which limit our ability to deliver these services, we will work with municipalities to provide alternatives to residents.
Yours Sincerely,

Murray Hampshire, Manager
Flagstaff Waste

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