Acceptable / Unacceptable Wastes

Acceptable Waste

Each household is allowed a maximum of 4 bags of household waste, unless “extra bag tags” are purchased from their local Municipality Office.  All refuse must be placed in a bag with a maximum capacity of 100 litres and weigh no more than 20 kg.  If the bags are placed in an acceptable refuse container, the container shall not exceed a volume of 100 litres.

Unacceptable Waste

Wastes deemed unsafe by the collector will not be picked up.  This includes, but not restricted to, wastes that are too heavy (20kg or more), contain sharp objects, not properly bagged, fire place ashes, and animal waste that isn’t double bagged.

Automotive parts, dead animals, fences, gates, furniture, large household appliances, tires, items longer than 1.5 meters, used oil, chemical wastes, or any other waste designated by the Association, will not be collected by the residential collection truck.

Recyclable items will not be picked up.  They must go to the recycle bins in the Town or Village, or to the bins at the Transfer Sites (or to the Landfill Site).

An exception to the above rules is limited to the collection of shrubs and tree limbs must be bundled and less than 1.5 meters in length, which will count as one bag per bundle.