Transfer Stations

The FRSWMA operates 4 Regional Transfer Stations throughout its operational area to aid in the disposal needs of residents. Transfer stations are not intended for use by commercial customers or those living out of the operational area. 

A few tips and reminders when using a transfer station:

1. Not all residentially generated waste is accepted at transfer stations. Please visit the accepted wastes section for a breakdown of each transfer site.

2. Gate fees are charged at the transfer sites for certain items and loads. These gate fees are intended to cover the transportation cost of trucking to the main landfill site. Residents can alternatively choose to use the main landfill site free of charge. For detailed fees visit the transfer site fee schedule.

3. Loads should be sorted for faster service at transfer stations.

4. You must unload your materials. The transfer station supervisor is NOT to actively assist in the unloading process. The supervisor must be focused on monitoring traffic, continually assessing hazards, monitoring all unloading within the yard and ensuring proper placement of materials. 

5. All garbage must MUST BE properly bagged.

6. Scavenging is NOT allowed at transfer stations.

7. Transfer stations may be closed due to inclement weather.